Индустриальный 5G-полигон заработал на базе Боткинской больницы в Москве


Индустриальный 5G-полигон заработал на базе Боткинской больницы в Москве

В Москве заработал первый в стране полигон 5G. Там будут тестировать прорывные цифровые технологии и сервисы здравоохранения, для которых важна высокая скорость сбора, обработки и передачи больших массивов данных.

Qualcomm Training on Industrial IoT and 5G

Qualcomm Wireless Academy offers a training course to help audiences without a strong wireless connectivity background understand how 5G networks improve industrial IoT use cases.

5G enables wireless industrial IoT use cases that were only achievable with wired connections in the recent past. Scalable and adaptable across extreme variations and requirements, 5G can cater to a wide range of services in a single network, including enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and various mission critical services. The course will explore all the ways that 5G is a unifying connectivity fabric for future innovations.

5G makes Industry 4.0 possible with high reliability, low latency, and dedicated network resources, enabling the next generation of industrial IoT. 3GPP Release 16 enables new 5G capabilities for factory automation and safety related applications, including millisecond latencies and 99.9999 percent reliability.

5G also provides support for time-sensitive networking (TSN), wireless industrial ethernet, and private networks. 5G is propelling industrial IoT forward by leaps and bounds — and making work safer in the process.

The Qualcomm Wireless Academy industrial IoT training course will cover all the capabilities and technical foundations of 5G as well as potential challenges in deployment. The program will cover the 3GPP Release 15 and Release 16 features that enable ultra-reliable and low latency communications — capabilities that will transform enterprises across a variety of industries.

The course also highlights how a 5G network can fit into a factory’s existing network, and is intended for IT engineers, managers, or IoT strategy experts.

Learn more about industrial IoT technical training at the Qualcomm Wireless Academy: https://qwa.qualcomm.com/course-catalog/5G-Industrial-IoT-Technical-Training

Energy Saving Solutions, retrofitting to get 5G ready

In a world with rising energy costs, your legacy hardware will not be efficient enough. And new hardware — if not thought through — will not be able to address the needs of your 5G network, making it impossible to grow. In order to face these challenges we have to change our mind-set.
By improving energy efficiency across all your networks and switching over to renewable energy, you can scale for the future and at the same time keep OPEX and CO2 emissions to a minimum.
You can start by retrofitting your existing power systems.

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Qualcomm Private 5G Network for Industry 4.0

Qualcomm Senior Director of Technology Xiaoxia Zhang talks about the 5G private network foundation for industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2021.

5G deployment is accelerating globally. In fact, there are currently more than 160 operators around the world with 5G commercially deployed and 270+ additional operators investing in 5G.

5G is also benefiting industrial IoT. 5G private networks enable the deployment of a local network where dedicated resources can be used to independently manage a network, achieve better, cellular grade security by keeping sensitive data on-premise, and optimize performance for local applications.

5G supports many industrial IoT use cases today. In order to meet the 5G industrial requirement, it’s important to look at the details of 5G features. This includes support of diverse spectrum, ultra-reliable low-latency communication, time sensitive network, and positioning.

After diving into the details of essential 5G features for industry 4.0, Xiaoxia takes us through a Factory of the Future, a series of demos showcasing how those 5G features are used in a real world setting and visualizing how 5G connectivity transforms factory processes.

One of the demonstrations focuses on 5G indoor precise positioning through wireless 5G technology. In the demo, Xiaoxia explains how precise positioning can help further and enhance 5G applications in industrial IoT. One use case animation shows how industry workers use precise positioning to send a command to an automated guided vehicle (AGV). Based on the command, the AGV navigates to the right aisle and picks up items on a shelf. Once the AGV picks up the items, it navigates to the docking station where it unloads the items successfully.

Learn more about Qualcomm 5G industrial IoT technology: https://www.qualcomm.com/research/5g/5g-industrial-iot

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